Friday, July 29, 2011

Say "I Do" to Wedding Based Groupon

One of Two Be Wed's main objectives is to deliver a brides dream wedding without breaking the bank. We always tell our clients don't go in debt for your wedding. The last thing a bride wants is to look back on her wedding over a credit card bill. So were always on the look out for the best ways to save our clients money. Our latest obsession is the new wedding based groupon, I Do Daily Deal.

Saving money via sites such as Groupon or Living Social is a growing trend nationwide and is now taking storm to the wedding industry here in Houston with I Do Daily Deal. The wedding based groupon is the same concept but made specifically for Houston brides featuring unbelievable deals from local known and unknown vendors. Their featured deals offer 50% to 90% savings on stationary, catering, hair & makeup, photography, cinematography, wedding name it, they feature it! And because weddings involve so many different elements as well as difficult decisions, the website gives you not one but three days to consider the deal, research the vendor, and weigh your options before purchasing. If that's not enough, yours truly is one of the featured vendors and we offer a killer deal that you don't want to miss out on!

Keep in mind these daily deals aren't just limited to brides, share I Do Daily Deals with friends to use for parties and special events! Sign up now to start receiving your daily deals!

Friday, July 1, 2011

Indian Fusion Wedding

In the last few years, we've expanded our firm to include Two Be Red, a branch dedicated to South Asian Brides. South Asian weddings are unlike any American wedding you've ever been to! They can last up to a week long and include the most beautiful traditions. So imagine a wedding that has the elegant, modern style of an American wedding and the unique, beautiful traditions of an Indian wedding, and wahla! You have an Indian Fusion wedding! This past weekend, we had the pleasure of coordinating an Indian Fusion wedding that had a balanced mix of modern decor and Indian culture to create a fairytale wedding for any bride! (Forgive the picture quality, these are taken from our phones but professional photos will be up soon!)

Congrats to Mr. & Mrs. Keith Turner!

{Pipe & drape, Floral and lighting: Prashe Decor}
{DJ & Photobooth: LG Entertainment}
{Entertainment: Hybrid Rhythms & Dholi JupmasterG}